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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

The History of Our Cross

Max Greiner, Jr Drawing


During prayer In August of 2002, the Holy Spirit gave artist/evangelist, Max Greiner, Jr., a “vision” of a 300’ cross-shaped garden, filled with the Gospel on tiles, four monumental Christian sculptures, and a massive, 77’7” hollow cross.  After more prayer, numerous drawings and scale models, “The Empty Cross” was constructed by Eagle Bronze of Lander, WY.  The lengthy fabrication process began in August of 2007.

Cross Arrival History of the Coming King Foundation,


On 10/30/09, the giant cross was secretly delivered to the 23 acre Sculpture Prayer Garden in Kerrville, TX, due to threats from atheists and others opposed to the magnificent cross being erected.  Greiner and Monte Paddleford, owner of Eagle Bronze, made the 1,155 mile journey in five days using seven vehicles.  The giant cross was transported in four sections and “passed through on dry ground”, between two major storm systems.

How to Build A Sculpture Garden, like this Empty Cross Sculpture


The 70 ton, seven story massive Cor-tin steel cross sculpture was eventually raised on 7/27/10, thanks to the donations of the artist, the foundry, a dozen contractors and Christians across America.  The raising of the cross was detailed due to a lawsuit filed by those opposed to the cross ever being erected on the foundation’s private land.  The generous donations made it possible to raise the cross for millions to see over IH-10!

Faith Based Parks, like this Empty Cross Sculpture


On 7/31/10, Sherry Greiner, the wife of the artist, was lifted up to the center of the hollow cross and blew the Shofar trumpet, signaling victory over Satan and the opponents of the symbolic cross.  The enemies of the cross had conspired since 2005.  They used intentional misinformation, false news releases to the media, an IRS audit, pornography, false accusations to City officials and ultimately a 15 month frivolous lawsuit to stop the project.

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Numbers have special meaning in the Bible & Hebrew language.  The dimensions of “The Empty Cross” include these holy numbers, 7’, 10’ 40’ and 77’7”. The weight of the steel cross is approximately 70 tons.

Spiritual Lens

God sees man through the cross, while mankind can only see the true God through the cross of Jesus Christ.


“Resurrection”, “Open Door”, “Narrow Gate”, “Light of the World”, “Standard” and “Strong Tower” and “Mighty Fortress”.  The cross of Christ can also be understood as the New Testament “Ark of the Covenant” that delivers God’s people. The Red/brown patina color symbolized shed blood of Christ. The sharp Bird Spikes on top of cross are symbolic of the “Crown of Thorns”. The flood light that points down from above symbolize the light of God’s presence.

Master Plan

300’ long cross-shaped Garden is exactly twice the length of the original Tabernacle in the wilderness (Ex 36) measured in Egyptian cubits, by the providence of God. This is the “double portion” blessing. This mountain top Garden will present the Gospel on 16” “Scripture Tiles”, in three languages, Spanish, English and German. It will be lined with Maple Trees that turn symbolic red in the fall.  These beautiful trees will be called the “Found Maples”, while the other well known Maple trees located near Vanderpool, TX are called “Lost Maples”.

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