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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Kim Hodges, Kerrville

I just wanted to say how thrilled our group was with Sid. His sweet testimony of Jesus Christ was very touching. The sculptures are wonderful and very thought provoking. Thank you for having the vision to undertake such a project. This is a credit to Kerrville and the state of Texas. Oh, I need to mention the shofars. This was great. It really gives one a better understanding of ancient Israel. 

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Jenny Pucel, New Braunfels

My husband surprised me with this beautiful and humbling experience today. The last year in ministry has been very difficult for our family. We feel called to a new ministry as missionaries in our local community and online.  We wrote it on a prayer rock and prayed for Jesus to always be our cornerstone. May God continue to reach out to the broken hearted, lost, and saved followers who are needing salvation and or healing.

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Lori DeVoe, Google Review

What an amazing undertaking! Not only beautiful and awe inspiring but deeply prayerful, respectful of the faith and very moving. While the monumental cross is incredible, the prayer rocks moved me most. The thousands of prayers left here speak of the true faith of so many visitors!!! It makes my heart glad that not only are there Scriptures that line the entire walk in both directions in different languages (English is always one)

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