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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Scott Walston, Kerrville, TX Kerrville Daily Times Letters to the Editor

“The subject of having a cross close to IH-10 over looking our community seems to have caused a bit of consternation in some people. One writer said the cross was a symbol of death. Yes, it was used to crucify people throughout the Roman Empire in time past. If people will understand the cross planned to be erected is an empty cross then this symbol takes on its true meaning. For Christians it is a reminder Jesus went to the cross willingly providing a final and perfect sacrifice to end all sacrifices. The empty cross tells us He did not stay on the cross, but rose again conquering death so we may have hope and joy as we consider eternity. As Christians we choose to embrace the promise that the empty cross provides for a solid, uncompromising faith which will sustain us for eternity. It should motivate us to be willing to sacrifice our own lives, if necessary, to bring hope to others. In America, it should also remind us we have been a very blessed people because of the faith of our founding fathers. For me, to see a cross standing over a community tells me this community has something not found elsewhere. It is a community, despite their problems and difficulties, there are people who are different and special. People I would want to be around. So, to have a cross overseeing our community can declare to everyone passing by there are people nearby who are willing to stand for hope. Such is the community I have chosen to be in and am glad there are people who are not afraid to declare it so others can find hope in what is truly represented in an empty cross.”

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