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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Becky Bowen, Kerrville, TX

“I wanted to share my ongoing story of the power of the cross on the hill. I have been two times, three weeks ago and then the morning of my birthday two weeks ago and I got the four CDs being given away. I would say I’m probably a toddler in my relationship with the Lord, thought it would be a good way to start of this next year (at the cross). So I started playing the CDs in my car everywhere I go. I have become consumed with it to the point sleep is a rarity for me I sing in my sleep. I sing when I am falling asleep or I wake myself up singing the songs or part of all of them. All hours of the night. I must fall asleep again a dozen times a night. It is unbelievable! Wonderful but man am I tired lol can’t seem to turn it off. I sing at work, everywhere. But, also that the power of the Holy Spirit and the Lord is so powerful up at that cross and it is working in me. I believe it to be the beginning of something very big in my life. So, I wait patiently for Jesus to tell me and to use me. I’m unsure why I am so touched by music and songs from the DJ up there and the cross. It is so beautiful and energizing I prayed the prayers and walked around it 7 times humming the songs, I didn’t know the words. I do now, even in a sleeping state. I just wanted to share the effect of it on me with you. it’s not over yet will keep you updated.”

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