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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Brad Cornell, Houston, TX (Kerrville Daily Times Letters to the Editor)

“The recent letter about the 77-foot cross being an eyesore to some Christians and that buildings would be less an eyesore is really amazing. If you are a Christian, the cross represents our Savior Jesus Christ who came and died for our sins. When we accept HIM, we have ETERNAL life. It does not take a lot of study or research, or even faith, to find that truth. So, I say Supersize that cross and make it as big as it can be. I am not offended or embarrassed, but proud to be a Christian. The second giant symbol you can put on that hill, right below the cross, is the American flag. I am as proud to be an American as I am a Christian, and if I remember right, so were the Founding Fathers. I do not recall any of them being a Buddhist… Nothing can make you wake up in the morning happier than being a Christian American! We need to pray for this great country of ours and ask our Lord to bless it, and to look at what is great about Kerrville and not what is bad. It is one of the most beautiful places in these United States and so are the people who live here. If you are a Christian and an American and are offended by the size of a cross or American flag, it might be time for a checkup from the neck up. Good thing I am not on the City Council, or I would vote to supersize the cross and the flag. May the Lord bless the United States of America!”

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