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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Chas Schuhmann, San Antonio, TX

“It was an absolute pleasure and blessing to meet you (Max) on Monday at “The Empty Cross”. We all left there feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit within us and our faith has never been stronger. We all saw with our own eyes, the amazing miracle of God the Shekinah Glory Dust. We also prayed the very next day to receive it again and we did, just like you said! Since visiting (the garden) we have spread the word and testimony of our Kerrville experience to our whole family, and every one of our friends, believers and non- believers. I was able to minister to a longtime friend for the first time yesterday after sharing with him our testimony of the Shekinah glory dust. I am preparing and praying for the Vision meeting I have tonight with my Bible study leader, and I know that The Lord has huge and important plans for us in the coming future. Thank you for your prayers and advice. We have made a decision to bring every single family member and friend who visits us from Houston to The Empty Cross. We have also had plans to possibly do a Bible study with our group up there as well. We ourselves will be visiting hopefully at least once a month, as we are all (including our 7 year old daughter) convinced that is holy, sacred ground. We feel so blessed and special to have met you and stumbled upon this wonderful holy place. God is so amazing and wonderful! Thanks again. I know we will see you soon!! God bless you all and your families.”

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