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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Clarence F. Mullen, Kerrville, TX

In today’s world of so many challenges in so many ways, each of us say so many times of something in our lives “ is it worth it”. My wife and I are not associated with the Coming King Foundation, but I do proudly display the Empty Cross decal on my back window of our vehicle. When we moved to Kerrville, it was for the quaintness and peacefulness of this town and the surrounding hill country. To us, the coming of the Cross just added to the mystic and beauty of our town and great State of Texas. I respect all faiths and what they believe in, as I would hope the same from them. A Cross is a world recognized symbol of peace that is turned to and admired by many as a sign of hope. We are very happy that this Cross has come to Kerrville for whatever reason. If you are a believer, just try and look up at or visit this Cross and not get a special feeling. “ Is it worth it “ ? Anything that makes even one human being feel better about themselves and their path in this life journey is most definitely worth it.”

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