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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

David & Judith Smith, Granbury, TX

“My name is David Smith. My wife Judy and I visited Fredericksburg and Kerrville this weekend as it is one of our favorite areas in Texas. We checked into the Best Western and did not realize that this majestic place was right across the street from where we were staying. My wife and I were in the area celebrating our 23rd anniversary together. We are strong believers in Jesus and attend church on a regular basis. We have, as other couples have had in their lives, a difficult year this year. We have been going through some healing and then not, and then healing, and not. We were eating breakfast and my wife found your brochure, and said she wanted to go check this out, so I looked it up and could not believe it is right across the highway. We went over and toured this beautiful and inspiring tribute to our Lord. It is more than absolutely awesome it is so beautiful. After touring and getting beautiful pictures we went to the cross and read everything. A true miracle happened because we are already believers in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. The words inscribed in the plaques on this sacred holy ground represent everything we believe in and now we have discovered even more. But, the true miracle happened when we read about checking your hands. The sunlight was intense, so we viewed our hands. Before our very eyes we viewed the little gold sparkles all over my hands and all over my wife’s hands. These sparkles were very, very, visible and it was so very powerful. We asked some others had they experienced this, later when we moved down to the Jesus statute. A boy said yes, he had seen them and we asked if we could see his hands. They were visible. Last night, Saturday night we went up on the hill. We had some difficulty that day. I drove my wife and I up there right away. My wife prayed out loud the prayer to chase demon and Satan away, releasing us to the Lord almighty. We then sat on the rocks behind the cross and renewed our vows together. There were clouds over head making this experience so surreal. Little tiny droplets fell lightly on us as though they were tears shed from the Lord. Another person was up there who stopped and talked to us. She said she could see little sparkles on my wife’s arm.. We went back up again this morning before leaving the Kerrville area. We read everything again. You can never get enough because for us this is beautiful. I took plenty of pictures. We had the same experience again, even though they were not as pronounced, the sparkles were definitely there. I own a web design company in Granbury. I would like to do something special as a web designer so please let me know how I can help. Every time I ask for work God blesses my life in so many ways. And, I always give Him the praise.”

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