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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Donna Hatch, Kerrville, TX

“Max, I must share a story with you: After a very long day at work, I stopped at a restaurant to pick up a to-go order. Standing at the counter when I arrived was a woman in her 50s, who was clearly under the influence of something. The young woman at the register, who was probably in her early 20s, asked if the woman needed her to call her a cab. The woman begged off, and the young woman looked at me in a pleading way. I asked the woman where she lived, and she said she didn’t live far; that she would be able to drive home safely. I calmly explained that I knew she believed that, but I didn’t and, in doing so, she was putting her life and the lives of others in danger. I told her if she would allow me to drive her home, she would be doing everyone a great service. She finally agreed. I helped her out to my car and, as we drove toward her home, she started to weep. She talked about all the problems in her life and I reached down to take her hand, and, as I did, I saw she clutched a pamphlet for The Empty Cross. I asked her if she wanted me to take her to the cross, and she said yes. So we drove to the site. When we got there, she sat in the car for a little while in silence, and then finally got out and walked toward the cross. She stood there for a few minutes — I gave her privacy — and then she came back to the car. When she got in, she thanked me and tears streamed down her face. She held my hand as I drove her home. When we got there, I walked her inside, and we talked for awhile. I told her all her problems might seem insurmountable at the moment, but there was help all around her. She nodded and said she knew there were guardian angels with her that day and that she had faith that things would get better. It was one moment in time and one story — but I witnessed what the existence of The Empty Cross means to her. Churches are wonderful institutions, but many chapels aren’t open 24/7 for people to visit and pray, but The Empty Cross is open. I think that’s pretty special.”

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