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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Earl & Vikki Smith, Boerne, TX

“Thank You Max! We are so blessed to have you leading folks to JESUS CHRIST through The Coming King Foundation. You and all the friends and Prayer Intercessors, as well as all the past, present and future Trustees, who have and will continue to pour their hearts out un-selflessly for the salvation of lost souls will be welcomed to Heaven by JESUS CHRIST on that glorious day! Max, the visual presentation at the YO Ranch Resort Hotel on Monday night of the “Garden For A King” was Fabulous! I was pleased to be in the audience for the entire program. I would not have missed any of it! “PRAISE GOD”. My family and I will forever be grateful for the healing power of the “HOLY SPIRIT”. You were so gracious to pause long enough in the lobby of the IHOP in Kerrville to pray with me for my knee to be healed last September 8th. JESUS CHRIST is indeed the “Great Physician”! Max, my prayer is for God to Bless you and your family and to allow, if it be HIS WILL, you to continue your work in developing the Garden in Kerrville. Many folks will be drawn into the Garden from Interstate 10 as well as through the internet and other means of communications for the salvation of their souls. Vikki and I send our prayers!

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