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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Judy Berry, AGLOW, Kenedy, TX

“What I saw at the cross was beautiful that night for His presence was living and shining among us. I saw the glory of God moving around us, glory on others faces and angelic beings so close you could nearly touch them! Even when the white horse, moving with such grandeur, made an impression on me that it’s not long until we see the King of Kings riding back full of majesty and power! We went back the following day on Saturday and saw more evidence of such signs and wonders such as gold glitter like substance on arms, hands, faces and back of necks. After hearing Max’s CD, my husband wanted to see this 77 foot cross and so after Monday’s doctor appt in SA, we traveled back to Kerrville where he saw and experienced it. I am now sharing with others on public media what was seen and letting God’s people know of His great goodness and mercies! Something else that came out of this is that I learned from a friend this morning was a baby named Ben Kelly, whose parents are missionaries to Africa, had his first heart surgery on Monday. He was born over 3 weeks ago and had to be stable enough to have this surgery and having told Max all about this, he said he’d pray and I understand the baby’s surgery went better than expected. His parents, Mandi and Jake Kelly, are on leave of absence and staying in Kerrville close to her parents who pastor Trinity Baptist church. There is more fruit coming from this and I know The Lord is moving among us to bring about His perfect will! I cannot seem to stop thinking about the cross and all that I saw and heard over the weekend! This will forever be etched within me and I plan on going back many more times and somehow being more involved! Of all the things that happened this past weekend, this was definitely the high point! All was excellent but this topped it all and to God be the glory!

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