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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Marilyn Thompson, Kerrville, TX (Kerrville Daily Times Letter to the Editor)

“We had been gone on vacation for several weeks, and when we returned to Kerrville and approached the exit into Kerrville, we looked up and saw the cross on the mountain and the large U.S. flag flying in the air – we knew we were home. What a beautiful sight that was. The cross standing high on the hill gave us such a sense of peace. Then, a day or so later we drove down the highway toward Comfort and were again reminded of God’s love as we saw the beautiful pastures with old barns and the sheep, goats and deer grazing and the bales of hay in the fields. What a wonderful place to live. The people of the Hill Country are some of the most friendly, generous and God-loving people you could ever want to meet. It is no wonder the area is so popular among tourists. I can’t imagine why anyone would object to a cross on the hill. The sky shining through it reminds me of the love God has for His people. Now, cell phone towers that are too numerous to count might make you feel safe because they allow you to make a telephone call, but they don’t give you the same sense of peace as the cross does. I pray that those traveling down Interstate 10 , especially if they are tired and struggling, may feel the assurance that God cares for them and is traveling with them. God will bless our nation if we are faithful to the Christian values our founders intended.”

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