Pave The Way To The Cross

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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Mrmoparhemi, Mission, TX – TRIPADVISOR

“Feel the presence of God! I get goose bumps just writing this review. Drove up with my family and didn’t know what to expect so when we got off our vehicle we looked around and saw the cross and thought ‘ this is nice‘. However, as I walked closer to the cross I began to realize I was on holy ground and immediately was overcome with a feeling that I cannot explain. Standing in the cross I was overwhelmed by its size and majesty. Then, we discovered the rock prayer garden and that’s when it hit me. I can’t explain it, but the feeling is unlike any human emotion or expression. I looked around at the hundreds of prayer requests on the rocks and added one of my own. Even my 8 year old son was touched by this experience and left a message on a rock as well. Don’t miss this place if you are near Kerrville as I’m sure it will bless your life as much as it did mine.”

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