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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Rev. Keith & Tawnya Sanford, San Antonio, TX.

“Hey Max God bless you! We met yesterday and wanted to just leave a summary of our experience at the cross. I prepared an event there the first week of November with a really good traditional Baptist friend of mine. He brought about 12 of his male leaders for the meeting at the cross. We began corporate prayer and the Holy Ghost fell and the Baptist preacher approached me and asked me to pray that he might receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit (Empowerment Baptism). As I laid hands on him and prayed, he fell to the ground and began to speak in Tongues as the Spirit of God gave him utterance! Over the next 40 minutes or so half of his men were Baptized with the Holy Ghost and that Baptist preacher was still flat on his face on the backside of the cross! God moved mightily and we continued in the presence of the LORD for two hours. We left and glorified the LORD all the way back to San Antonio. The pastor took his whole church back to the cross that Sunday where they had an Impartation Service where several of his members were touched by God and filled with the Holy Ghost! We love you Max!”

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