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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Sally Sledge, Fort Worth, TX

“The Lord confirmed His Presence to me at the Cross in Kerrville at the end of April 26, 2014. Four years ago, Ron Hicks told me about the Cross and said I should play my harp there. I had schedule conflicts and did not pursue it. This year, 2014, my neighbors traveled to Kerrville and gave me a brochure about the Cross. When I saw the picture and read the prophecies behind it, I knew I was supposed to play my harp at the Cross. The experience was profound! When I stood near the Empty Cross, I felt the Power of The Lord and wept. A man and woman were kneeling and praying together inside the Cross. I felt the presence of The Lord when I played my harp in front of the Cross and when the wind blew, the strings of the harp began to sing. Max prayed with me afterwards and told me The Lord had spoken to him that a minstrel would play on the rocks at the Cross. He said I was the first minstrel to fulfill that word. God encouraged my heart that I had indeed fulfilled the Lord’s call. There is POWER at the Cross, and I pray for the opportunity to play my harp with the angels again soon!”

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