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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Vicki Johnson, New Orleans, LA

“I am compelled this morning to take a few minutes before production begins, to write you in support and appreciation. First of all, in your innate calling to accept, visualize, respond, oversee, and continue to develop a garden for God’s glory, is one of the most honorable ventures I have ever witnessed! Recognition to your wife Sherry too, as her strong perseverance and dedication to the calling is equally commendable. The Coming King Foundation was and is being built off faith and love, and the results cannot be denied!!! Volumes of Christ-driven believers have joined in this quest for the Cross and the purpose of God’s mountain!!! My point in saying all this you don’t need the validation from local, regional, or international venues, as you already have the lights and camera on the real star!!!!! He will always be center stage, and in His time, your purpose and quest will be revealed to the masses!!!!! They are coming! In my capacity and desire to utilize my skills and industry credits for the benefit of TCKF are strong, and I am just blessed to be among such amazing believers!!!! God Bless You and TCKF. and along with the thousands of supporters you have, this is one Senior Publicist who believes in the vision and purpose too!!!!”

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