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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

– Elise Hatch, Kerrville, TX

“As far as the prayer, I believe I saw the Lord speaking NEW things into your lives that you haven’t even heard of yet! I saw the Cross/Garden being a glorified expression of God’s grace and faithfulness in the earth, and His great sacrifice on the cross and coming return! This is happening (at this specific time in history) as a result of your obedience and giving of gifts/talents to build it, is creating a blessing that transcends just this location or area or Kerrville, TX. I saw you and Sherry literally being transported to other nations and places in the world. It was as if this garden held the seed of amplification, multiplication, and duplication and literally rang out a prophetic bell to the ends of the earth. I saw its spiritual influence (by my spirit) going way beyond this specific geographical location. This is likened to someone being supernaturally transported to other parts of the world. After praying at home, I sensed this garden is a dwelling place, and because the HOLY SPIRIT birthed it, it has limitless power! I don’t know if you’ve watched the Matthew movie but when Jesus is giving his Sermon on the Mountain it actually shows His voice echoing into the earth. I saw this picture and believe He will cause the voices, prayers, supplications and miracles from this mount to be multiplied and heard across the world! But wait! There’s more!” Haha! I have more to share that is too much to write in an email that the Lord revealed to me this morning. If you know of a time you’ll be there let me know. Richest blessings!”

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