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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Big Impact

Joe Demda, Amarillo, TX

“Justin Carpenter prayed for Joe Demda and he was healed of cancer. Pastor Carpenter told him to go to the doctor and he did. And, the doctor told Joe that he was healed of cancer. Thank you Mr. Carpenter for your prayer!”

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Alan Parker, Attorney, President of The Justice Foundation, San Antonio, TX

“Last fall, I attended the Women’s Aglow Conference in Kerrville, Texas. On Friday night, there was prayer for healing, and I felt that I was to go forward and ask for healing of my stomach. The next day, the Aglow participants were encouraged in their free afternoon session to go to the Prayer Sculpture Garden in Kerrville. My wife, Susan, and I decided to go. We walked through the incredible Prayer Garden and

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Name withheld, Spring, TX

“I just put a note by the HOPE statue. Pray for me to share with my husband my healing of an abortion we had 38 years ago. We said we would never talk about it, but I know now God wanted this secret of our hearts healed. Thank You for forgiveness, Jesus. Thank You for healing our whole family.”

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Heidi, Norway

“Max, thank you so much for letting me grow (spiritually), build muscles, find grace, hope and we strength…in the garden. Your boldness is a huge inspiration. I know I will be grateful till I die and beyond!”

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Preston Courtney, Kerrville, TX

“Dear Max, I told you Sunday of a man I had met at the men’s breakfast the day before. His name is Captain Dave Hunt. He told me he was an 18-wheel driver from Louisiana who had made arrangements to move with some friends to New Mexico some time back. He said he had never been this way into the hill country, and especially through Kerrville. When he got here, “something” made him

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