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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Chas & Krystal Schuhmann, San Antonio, TX

“Our family first visited The Empty Cross on Labor Day 2013. We were driving on the highway when we came across a huge cross up on a hill. We stopped at the gas station by The Empty Cross and saw a brochure by the counter and took one. We then drove to The Empty Cross. As we drove in we saw the beautiful scenery and skies. As we stood next to The Cross we read all the prayers on the Cross, and information regarding the purpose of The Cross. That day we received the Shekinah glory dust from The Lord. We also had the opportunity to meet Max and he prayed over us after receiving the glory dust. It was an amazing experience like no other to see the Shekinah glory on us, until this day we still get it on our body. Praise the Lord! We have visited The Cross many times, have shared our experience with others, and we have brought a few friends and family members there and they’ve also received the glory dust.”

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