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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

Jennifer Woodworth, Austin, TX

“I live almost two hours away in the Austin area and have been to the garden on multiple occasions. Each time I have been I have been blessed in a number of ways: peace that goes beyond human understanding; love, kindness and acceptance from the staff volunteers at the garden and, always, a willingness from them to pray for/with me for any need. More blessings have come from answered prayers that have been prayed in the garden and happenings and sightings that cannot be scientifically explained. How fortunate the residents of Kerrville are and what an amazing opportunity/obligation you have in this endeavor for your area and for the nation as a whole. It is my hope that this “sacred” project would be brought to completion in a very timely manner. It is my prayer that millions would come to know the beauty, peace and true meaning of this very unique and special prayer garden. God Bless You and Keep You.”

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