Pave The Way To The Cross

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Pave The Way To The Cross

“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

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Max Greiner, Jr., Kerrville, TX

“The Empty Cross is like the flask of expensive perfume poured over the feet of Jesus. That gift of extravagance, He said, would be remembered forever. So too it is with The Empty Cross!”

Anonymous, (21 years old) Dallas, TX

“I got a DWI. I am on my way to rehab and saw the cross. My father and Max Greiner were close. I need prayer to get through rehab. I feel so week, I will be in Hunt, TX for the next 45 days.”

Mark R., Kerrville, TX TripAdvisor

“An inspirational work in progress. This is a fairly long term work in progress (pay as you go) spiritual site located on a high hill above Kerrville. The focal point on the grounds is a huge lighted cross that is complimented by a number of large inspirational bronze statues created by local artist, Max Greiner. …

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