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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

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Lori DeVoe, Google Review

What an amazing undertaking! Not only beautiful and awe inspiring but deeply prayerful, respectful of the faith and very moving. While the monumental cross is incredible, the prayer rocks moved me most. The thousands of prayers left here speak of the true faith of so many visitors!!! It makes my heart glad that not only are there Scriptures that line the entire walk in both directions in different languages (English is always one) […]

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Darel McDonald Sr, Google Reviews

I’ve viewed this place from afar for many years just as a short memory of Jesus and a highlight spot for me during my truck driving days. However, I was clearly wrong in my assessment of the huge Cross you see when you enter Kerrville cruising down I- 10 W… This place is a Historic Landmark, for me, because naming it a park or community meditation area just doesn’t give the place the

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– Sara Reyes, Google Review!

This place is so peaceful! Even though its directly off the highway, it is elevated on the hill that it feels so far away from the traffic noise. The bronze statues are so beautiful & relatable. The walkway is covered in scripture so it feels like you are literally walking on THE WORD! Also, the cross is so majestic, its breath taking. Be sure to take your time to pray alongside the prayer

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Robert Sanders, Google Review

This was our third visit to the Open Cross, and the prayer garden. This is an awesome location in Kerrville Texas, that is open to the public, at no charge. Every time we have come they have made changes, additions, and improvements. Great place to look at the artwork, and reflect on it, and it’s meanings. Great place for prayer. The prayer garden itself and the statues, our great form of worship, and

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“In times like these in desperation and leaning towards hope we find ourselves searching for a peaceful place. For me this is a very peaceful blessed place, where you can pray and meditate in God Almighty. Beautiful experience and very pretty as well on a hill top!”

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Ermalinda Guzman, GOOGLE REVIEWS

“OMG! It was so Amazing! You can feel the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ the peace. My husband and I loved it, it was so Amazing Awesome the Cross beautiful. I loved the path where all the rocks have scriptures prayers and RIP to there love one’s so Beautiful I would recommend it to everyone. I loved it so much ❤❤ ”

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