Pave The Way To The Cross

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Pave The Way To The Cross

“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

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Darlene H.via TripAdvisor

“Quite Reflection. My husband and I have gone to Kerrville many times and seen this HUGE cross up on a hill, but always assumed it was on private property. We were visiting my sister in San Antonio and her husband. They have visited this garden several times, so we made a trip to Kerrville to see it. We spent quite a bit of time walking through the garden and reading all of the …

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Margaret Wherry, Kerrville, TX

“The pavers, laid as they are, are beautiful! Clare and I are praying for you and your work at the Cross daily. I love the words you used‘Cross Over Texas’ -`describing The Empty Cross.”

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