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“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

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Cliff Canipe, Cliff Canipe Ministries, South Africa

“Impression as I entered the prayer garden – As we drove up the hill to the prayer garden, the Spirit of the Lord impressed me with these thoughts: We have traveled to places in Europe and visited many historical landmarks and sites. Many of them are set on hills. As we were driving up the hill to the prayer garden, I received the same feeling as I experienced as we approach historical sites […]

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Jerry Pierce Jr., GOOGLE REVIEW

“After getting permission to scatter my parent’s ashes me and all my family members had the opportunity to spread their ashes and we also bought a paver to have placed down at the entrance to have for a memory. And when we paid for the paver Max Greiner and Debbye both prayed over us for comfort as well as for the memorial service and the spreading of the ashes. We were truly blessed.”

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Chris and Gary Lubitz, Kerrville, TX

“Good morning. I am writing because I want to order two more Pray Bench plaques. We have been SO TOUCHED by the one we had made for our children and have already watched God open us to more healing as we daily trust Him with their continued heavenly care. Because having a place to go, sit and remember, and because we are alone here in Texas, we decided that a memorial plaque for

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Gary and Chris Lubitz, Fredericksburg, TX

“There aren’t words enough to Thank You, not only for the work you are doing in God’s name, but also for your thoughtful caring hearts toward individuals like us! The (Prayer Bench) memorial plaque turned out beautiful for our children, and the copy was such a surprise bonus for our home. Through you all, God has given us a place to go and remember our children to grieve and celebrate their lives under

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Maryann Morales, San Antonio, TX

“Ron Grisell, thank you for taking the time to baptize me on a special Memorial Day. My church, C.O.O.L Ministries of San Antonio with Pastor Ralph & Juliza Greigo, made the trip on Sunday 5/29/16 to the Cross, and I wasn’t able to make it. I prayed and God made a way for me to go on Memorial Day, with my niece Rosa Martinez, and her daughter and my grandson. I want to

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Dodi Lilja, Liberty Hill, TX

“Never I have experienced a more loving and memorial birthday. Turning 75 has been a total joy thanks to my family, friends and The Coming King Foundation for treating me like royalty. Also, a first for me was being presented with seven beautiful long- stemmed red roses. I half expected to look down at my feet and find glass slippers! (Tour Guide) Karl Jack gave a warm welcome and fabulous quick overview of

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Anne Buhler, Victoria, TX

“Monday, November 2, 2015 – I received gold dusting when three of you prayed for me. I had safe travel to California to my Dad’s memorial, spreading my dust, helping my friend with minor fire damage to her house (Karen) in Middletown, CA. Her neighborhood was 95% gone. At 3:30 pm today, November 19, I entered the Cross and was full of lady bugs on the Cross, inside and landed all over me!

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Charles Robinson, Austin, TX

“The Lord spoke this to me last week. The prayer gardens are going to be in strategic locations all over the world and God will actually leave messages to people (The Gospel) where people can actually get saved without having someone lead them to the Lord personally. These will be memorials to what Jesus has done and even when we are gone during the worst part of the Tribulation multitudes will find salvation

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Michael Glenn Cox, San Antonio, TX

“Thank you again for hosting my father’s memorial service. It is truly an honor to have had a memorial service for my father as the first held at The Coming King Garden. Thank you for the pictures, your prayers & for the prayer warrior coin. I am truly honored to know you. Thank you for being a willing vessel to our Lord Jesus Christ. May He bless you and The Coming King Foundation!”

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