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Pave The Way To The Cross

“Establishing free Sculpture Prayer Gardens across the world to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ.”

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Theresa Whitfield, Kerrville, TX

“Max…, so, sooooo excited for you. You dream bigger than anyone I know and the Lord honors it as you are dreaming of ways to promote His Kingdom :). Lord, we ask for supernatural provision for this (Lion Sculpture) miracle to take place in Jesus name!!!”

Summer Holt, Kerrville, TX

“Hi Max! It was our pleasure and the whole family was blessed to be a part of the Garden Dedication! The atmosphere in our home has supernaturally changed since Sunday! We are still feeling God’s presence!”

Christina Klotz, Austin, TX

“I don’t even know how to start to tell you what all God did for everyone I brought to the Cross. It was such a supernatural encounter and what God did was absolutely amazing! Only He could orchestrate such an experience.”

– Elise Hatch, Kerrville, TX

“As far as the prayer, I believe I saw the Lord speaking NEW things into your lives that you haven’t even heard of yet! I saw the Cross/Garden being a glorified expression of God’s grace and faithfulness in the earth, and His great sacrifice on the cross and coming return! This is happening (at this specific time in history) as a result of your obedience and giving of gifts/talents to build it, is …

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Max Greiner, Jr. Kerrville, TX, SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS NEWS article

“Thousands of tourists report witnessing miracles, angels, supernatural signs and wonders at the garden. I am not aware of any other daily, year-round tourist attraction in the Texas Hill Country that is drawing more visitors…this side of the Alamo and River Walk. We are doing this to bring people into the presence of God.”

Judy Barber, Robstown, TX

“It’s February 20th and my Christmas tree is still drinking water. Since July of last summer, when we discovered the Cross Prayer Garden, the supernatural has been in my life, WOW! Thank you God.”

Patricia Shugart , Houston, TX

“I just returned from the Holy Land. Being in the Prayer Garden is just like “Entering the Promised Land”. Even though it’s not totally complete, it is inspiring, awesome, and wonderful. The presence of the Lord is everywhere here. And the sculptures are “anointed”and beautiful works of art ordained by the hands of the Creator Himself.God’s richest supernatural favor and blessings.”

Adam Schindler, San Antonio, TX

“Max, I am honored that you think I could communicate the validity of the supernatural. I think we all have been attacked for testimony of the living God. Your approach is the most genuine and credible I’ve ever seen. I so value it.”

Max Greiner, Jr., Kerrville, TX

“One day the cross and the Garden will be known worldwide for the presence and supernatural power of God, including supernatural divine healing. God will use miracles to draw millions to the message of the Gospel that can be found in this Garden and others like it.”

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